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A thesis on the under lying concepts of
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webolution- all I know about it

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Advanced Web Design.
subtitled: Living on a learning curve.

WEB DESIGNERS NOTE: The Cyber Space environment with-in which the following words were assembled in, assembled for and assembled in an attempt to define, is at a developmental stage not dissimilar to where the Movie Industry was at 100 years ago. Pioneers (amateurs?) assembling moving pictures interspersed by text, thus, the web design concepts discussed are those used to create an I.C.P, (Internet Content Provider) an I.C.P that is designed to accommodate the Lowest Common Denominator of Internet interface connectivity. In short, how to build an L.C.D-I.C.P ;O)--~

This is the closest that I have yet come to defining the principles of web design, which, when all is said and done, is little more than an application of style and logic,  coupled to a thorough understanding of the content that one is trying to display, although Information Sequencing is, perhaps, a more accurate term for exactly what *it is* that a web designer does. For example this exact page is designed to be an example of  the most basic web display method of all: The TOILET ROLL Format.

One long scroll of words that requires heaps of forward and then backward clicking. Unlike the majority of toilet roll pages, this one doesn't suffer too much from FEATURE CREEP SYNDROME. F.C.S is when a Toilet Roll has say 20 or more images / sub-link options on it. In short, this page is an almost perfect example of WHAT NOT TO DO.  ;O)--~

There are another couple of ways to weave a web sites, the first and most common is the LOOP-HOOP style. A loop hoop style web site basically offers the Visitor an All sub-page - at all times- options at either the side or top and/or bottom of each individual framed screen, the loop-hoop style assumes that the visitor knows exactly what to look for and the webmasters task is simply to throw the data in there and let the visitor do the continuity work. The loop-hoop style is ideal for catalogues and other product driven web sites, the loop-hoop site can become a very effective sub zone however and a though understanding of loop-hoop site construction forms a vital component of the next level, the creation of a web zone.

Graphical representation of the linear progression web zone used as an example ;O)--~

A web zone is an assembly of data arrayed in a Linear Progression Style and is by far the most artistic style of presentation, however, linear zones require day to day - hands on adjustment and can be compared to the difference between piloting a shopping trolley and an open wheeler racing car.

Unlike television or radio, a linear web zone enables a mechanism which has both a NOW function and an ALL function, the major difference being that when you first tune in to a TV or Radio station, you don’t receive their first broadcast first and then wait-in real time- to catch up to the now.

The linear progression zone is powered by a data motor, each file / page/ screen full of data represents the pistons of the data motor, and thus, the essential difference between a loop-hoop and a linear zone is that a linear zone has a specific firing order.

The Entry Level or initial concept exposure continuity path is a succession of one time view only cyber screens, an ON Ramp, ideally it should instruct the cyber citizen as to how best to navigate the structure, the navigational aids employed, be they buttons, or drop down menus or underlined text, act as the cylinder head of the data motor, they should propel the reader through the content along a predetermined continuity path, enabling them an over view of the web zone content, with an end result to enabling them to become a regular reader / data consumer by delivering the now educated visitor to a membership decision page.

From this page, the central hub, individual LOOP style zones of ‘self contained content’ can be arrayed around the central hub, each linked to the other by navigational aids that the member now knows how to operate.

The NOW zone or members entrance  is created for several reasons, firstly it breaks the total click volume into 2 separate streams, newbies and regulars, which enables a diagnostic function, secondly it also enables the webmaster to experiment with features and images that may be a bit advanced for the  initial concept exposure continuity path, it is a bookmarkable page that is "two clicks" to the NOW, not to mention the fact that it spreads the load of simultaneous file access requests on the host server.

The Now zone is hard wired into the ALL zone, ideally, it should have sub-links to a chat room, to  live wwwindows and other input features, not to mention text based content that is arrayed as In Flight Entertainment, it is with in this domain that the web master spends a majority of his now time constructing new screens for the members to view.

Thus the Now of the web zone accumulates, building the "whole" of the ALL of the zone and providing an increasingly layered volume of content that should enable a sense of community to develop, the kind of community, say, that would form between the members of a cyber space station. ;O)--~

Anyway, this about it as far as I have got with these words at this point in time, natcherally, I can edit this page if and when it occurs to me, indeed, one of the really kewwwl things about the web is the fact that you can reinvent your self on a daily basis, with none of your newbie readers being the wiser.

Wwwhilst I got you here, no TOILET ROLL would be come complete with out the addition of extra words, which are, in true toilet roll fashion, formatted against a back ground that makes it harder to read ;o)--~


wwwebolution, all I know about it.

words assembled by /~rebelart ;O)--~


Think of the web like it’s a telephone for a second, after all that’s what it mostly is, now, remember when you bought your first little black book? All those empty pages that seem to take a life time of friendly living to fill? That’s what a web zone is like the instant it’s created, full of potential and little more. Now think about a web site like it’s a gas station on the side of the information super highway and since the entire side of the road is lined with gas stations, a customer pulling up to your information pump is more likely to arrive by chance than design.

The service and content, the overall experience that you provide will determine whether they return, which basically means that since chance cannot be relied upon for a regular supply of visitors, one has to rely on attracting customers by design, but how does one increase the chances of visitation, particularly in a field of intense competition, in a High $take$ World where a 1% harvest of the total web traffic results in over a million potential customers?

Search engine’s are a joke as far as attracting cyber citizens, so many new zones are being created at the moment that some search engines major input is add URL not search requests which means that the ranking system is constantly being over whelmed by fresh input, so much new content is being generated that it is estimated that no one search engine index currently holds more than 16% of the web total.

Which basically means that it is hard to get listed and once you do, you still only have a 20% chance of being a part of the part of the web that the arbitrary search engine has indexed.

Trouble is.......

This is quite besides the high odds of any arbitrary searcher finding your web zone based on a single word or three word search phrase, factor in the Spamdexing that happened in late 98- early 99, couple that to the fact that the search engine that tells every one that every second web user uses it - which I find strange as I have yet to meet anyone who has a favourite search engine or a single person who actually uses Yah know who- anyhoo, ya know wwwho now charge BIG DOLLAR$ for guaranteed listing with in a week, which to my mind lowers the integrity of their data base and will tend to limit the number of users who are prepared to use it in the future, the point being, it doesn't hurt to add your URL to all the main search engines every so often but DON'T rely on them as a primary source of visitors, WHAT SO EVER.

A problem that no one seems to talk about is that cerfing the www (BTW, it is cerf the web, not surf, Vinton Cerf was the name of the man who invented the protocols that enabled the creation of L.A.N’s and W.A.N’s, ftp and <hypertext>) is the poor step child when it comes down to where cyber citizens actually dedicate their media minutes on a daily basis.

The lack of audience volume and the web site super saturation situation is exacerbated by the basic phases of wwweb-olution that every individual undergoes by default once they begin to integrate the Internet into their daily life style. The first phase is commonly referred to as the Newbie phase, this can last for months and is the period when the ‘lure’ of the www is at it’s highest, hours are spent cerfing the web, being amazed by the eyecandy and cgi ability of cyber artists, with an emphasis on downloading all the free programs and inspiration a Newbie needs to under go metamorphosis.

The next phase, is the chrysalis or cocoon stage, it’s when the Newbie weaves their first web site, a place with in which they will display the icons of their affiliations and begin to assemble the network of ‘like minded people with common goals’ that is required for the next stage of development. It is during the chrysalis phase when inter-personal chat programs begin to consume more of the available media minutes, not to mention the distraction of on line games, discussion groups and sending / answering email.

Many cyber citizens are happy with the parameters of the chrysalis stage of web development, cocooned by their concentration on their special interest, they spend the majority of their on line time cerfing a ‘regular route’ of web content and rely on either mainstream media or email for new or interesting web zones to cerf, the web zone woven at this level of web development is often a family photo album or a hobby zone about individual pursuits which inevitably will include the coolest picture of them ever taken and a list of their regular cerfing route.

The third, and somewhat rarer stage is more commonly referred to as webmaster or power user, inclusion in the clan elan, the elite few, who represent the spine of the www happens almost by default, it happens the instant the domain you maintain has a steady cyber pulse, a cyber pulse is measured in bytes of information delivered by the internal / content pages of the web zone that is, not by the number of hit’s to the index page. The index page is just the front door and it’s a revolving door, easy in and easy out. At this stage of development, the cyber citizen is very difficult to reach, they are primarily engaged in promoting their web projects to a stage where they can make a living from them.

Effective Cyber Promotion is an ongoing element of cyber space and needs to be tailored to all 3 basic stages of webbed development and more importantly woven into the basic structure of every web zone as it is built. In other words trying to apply mainstream methodology to cyber space is pointless, mainstream methods are designed for a lower common denominator than the Internet and an entirely different interface of inter personal data exchange, most main stream media are OUT PUT only, the web is one on one, up close- in your face- a very very Personal inter face.

If intelligence is measured by the amount of knowledge "available to" the individual, then the unwebbed are less intelligent than the webbed, for example you can bet your bottom dollar that the top 1% of the most educated, powerful, influential and rich people have had access to the Internet for years. The point is that there is a very small pool of people from which to attract a cyber pulse at any given time, a highly intelligent pool of potential visitors the majority of whom are sick and tired of the entire concept of advertising.

Indeed, it seems that every body is trying to find the magic formula that will deliver the millions of users that seem to be out there, and it seems to me that the magic formula is "The quality of the content of a web zone is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of wwword of mouth referral it creates."



In conclusion, I would firstly like to say, well done if you read the whole rack down to here and secondly I would like to mention that should you desire rebelart do any wwweaving on your behalf or you have questions or seek further clarifications on some of the the concepts above, then simply Click HERE.

See you else web in Cyber Space.;O)--~  


No web have I ever been and no web have I ever seen, a web zone quite like this one ;O)--~