Application for the position of Webmaster to Mega-$$$$ Incorporated.

 The majority of the dudes who had 'arrived in person' for the position of webmaster to Mega-$$$$ inc were resplendent in the latest threads and hairstyles available to the techno elite and, as you would expect, all of the applicants were toting personal interface devices of varying complexities. The majority of the competitors knew each other, either from their university training days or from previous 'webmaster applications' contests. They quickly cliqued themselves into a pecking order and awaited the summons to enter the office for the personal interview.

There was one amongst them who stood out, which is fortunate for the purposes of this tale, because with out the 'one who stands out' this tale would very quickly degenerate into not worth reading - which, I hasten to add is still one of the outcomes of this tale, it depends on the 'one who stands out', it depends on what he does and it depends how illuminating and or entertaining the scenario we are about to embark on is played out, it's a future decision that does not concern us yet, time, I think, to get on with the story and focus on the 'one who stands out'.

The one who stands out is sitting, more like slouching actually, in the corner near a pot plant, a pot plant into which he is flicking the ash off his herbal smelling hand rolled cigarette in strict disobedience with the profusion of no smoking signs, perched on the seat beside him is an anachronism. An anachronism? Yep, Anachronism is the first word that springs to mind to describe the laptop in question, perhaps the most incongruous anachronism imaginable in the chrome and neon setting of the ever so techno savvy office suite of Mega-$$$$ Inc.

The thoughts of the techno elite clique about the unshaven long haired derelict in the corner would, if they were anything other than face value quantifications, be worth recording, suffice to say, all considered that the long hair looked exactly like he was wasting every bodies time. Typical of the welfare system, was the consensus conclusion, most likely a typographical error.

The thoughts of the long hair had absolutely nothing to do with what the techno elite clique might be thinking of him, the prospect of gaining employment at Mega-$$$$ Inc or any one thing in particular, he was adrift in the ocean of words named Poetry.

Speakers in the roof hiss briefly to life to announce.

"Would all applicants please enter the interview room."

A section of the wall slides open to reveal a long table studded with power and connection sockets, at the head of the table sits the I.T manager. 

"Take a seat and plug yourselves in," he said.

The room is a blur of activity as the elite clique strive to be first onto the W.A.N.

As you would expect, the long hairs anachronism was the last one up and w.a.n.ning

The I.T manager looks up from his screen and straight at the Long Hair.

"You can't be serious." he said, "a 100 mhz C.P.U + 16 MB RAM writing to a 500 mega Byte Hard Drive? that's a 20th century build that belongs in a museum, not here  at Mega-$$$$ Inc."

"little qwerty will suffice" said the Long Hair, "start the competition."

At the mention of the name "little qwerty" all the heads of the elite clique snapped around to look the long hair.  "it can't be - it could be -  it's an old IBM Think pad, it might be - little qwerty - little qwerty" type murmurs were heard from the clique.

The I.T manager, with something approaching awe in his voice, said "Is it really little qwerty, the famous little qwerty.

"I am sure you will all find out once the competition starts."

"I want to know now". says one the clique.

"Request for instant gratification delayed". says the long hair with a smile.

"It might not be little qwerty, but it sure sounds like it's rebelart pushing the buttons.' said the I.T manager with a knowing smile.

On-line Application Test: Part One = Please supply a chronological sequence of your wwwritten out put to date, please indicate whether the "content" is ranked in each search engines or not and if so what is it's ranking/relevance position. was what the longhair typed.

Once again all heads in the room snapped around to the long hair.

"It's not fair" said the brightest of the techno elite. "How are any of us supposed to compete with rebelart ?   "He has been on line longer than most all of the major search engines."

"Yeah," said another, "he's the notepad cowboy who first corralled the bots, he wrote all the really interesting stuff that you can find in the data base about capturing bots.

"Chill everyone," said rebelart "I'm not here for the position of webmaster of Mega-$$$$ Incorporated, as such, I'm here to see if Mega-$$$$ Incorporated is wwworthy of inclusion in the History has proven that I  can wwwork with any and every web constructer and since I mostly concern myself with "bot stuff", my main 'input" is usually in the highly subjective areas of Cool and the Feature Creep Syndrome - Firewall Freeze Out ratios of the overall /public_html/ domain.....

</END> Part One .......

Part Two.

The DOT COM Revolution and my part in it....

subtitled " How I first captured the attention of the robots and the virtually inimitable mechanism I had to create to do it.